5G Internet of Things Powers the Market

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By Kateryna Dubrova | 1Q 2022 | IN-6442


The Future of the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extending technology with one limiting factor: bandwidth. With developing 5G that improves cellular bandwidth, the IoT capabilities have also increased significantly, with many interconnecting devices. The key to using this opportunity successfully is to offer business models focused on creating a united network infrastructure for ecosystem partners.

Thanks to IoT, manufacturers can operate real-time managing to control components and equipment at any production stage. To profit even more from IoT, adding 5G suggests a single system model, where products are managed through all manufacturing cycle. Moreover, the integration of 5G into a supply chain would guarantee improved customer support and cost-effectiveness. Connected meters, sensors, and other hardware devices also involve modified business models. Even though IoT operators mostly gain revenues from connectivity, they can also profit from providing platform and service solutions to their customers.

Commitment to 5G


AT&T prov…

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