Brain-Inspired Chips Come to the Edge

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By David Lobina | 1Q 2022 | IN-6403


The Advent of Neuromorphic Computing


As ABI Research has discussed recently (IN-6324), neuromorphic computing is making an entrance into commercial Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, including edge devices. The potential of brain-inspired chips for edge computing is not in itself entirely surprising. Neuromorphic chips—System-on-Chips in which memory storage and processing units are not separate components of the architecture—are ideally suited for the edge, as this technology provides ultralow power consumption and low latency responses. These features are particularly useful for sensory applications such as computer vision, which are typically conducted at the edge, and a number of vendors are entering this very space. GrAI Matter Labs, with its GrAI VIP (Vision Inference Processor) System-on-Chip, offers a compact design for AI-enabled cameras as well as for sensor applications for robotics (for instance, for intelligent grasping devices).

The Advantages of Neuromorphic Processing at the Edge


The main aim of these developments is effect…

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