Edge Computing and The Battle for Market Share

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1Q 2022 | IN-6394


Inconsistency at the Edge Breeds Confusion


“The Edge” was one of the most written about technology areas in 2021, but inconsistency in the terminology used to describe edge technology often leads to confusion. Whether it be “Public Edge”, “Co-located Edge”, or “Private Edge” the inconsistency is largely a result of the perspective from which an edge solution is viewed. A co-located edge solution is a cage or square footage in a neutrally hosted data center from the enterprise perspective. An example would be a remote server on the enterprise network located at a stock exchange facility where milliseconds count for an algorithmic trading application, where it is executing trades as very sensitive thresholds are met. To a telecommunications operator however, a co-located edge solution is one where they partner with a third party such as a hyperscaler to deploy their technology at a telecoms site, a cell tower, or data center. A typical example of this would be Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength. And here is where the confusion is well illustrated, because to the enterpri…

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