2022 Technology Summit: The Tech Transforming The Supply Chain Image

2022 Technology Summit: The Tech Transforming The Supply Chain


Actionable Benefits

  • Understand how technology solutions can be optimized across the smart mobility/automotive and supply chain.
  • Identify leading providers across emerging automotive and commercial transport technologies.
  • Develop organic and inorganic growth strategies to address automation, electrification and last mile.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the similarities and differences between auto and commercial transport technology applications?
  • Which synergies can be leveraged between consumer and commercial transport for technology providers?
  • How do the adoption timelines differ between the two industries?

Research Highlights

  • Overview of how autonomous, EV and last mile technologies are being applied in supply chain and automotive verticals.
  • Identification of key differences in go-to-market strategies for common enabling technologies in supply chain and automotive.
  • Comparison of the sales performance of EV and ICE passenger vehicle sales.        

Who Should Watch This?

  • Decision makers in OEM, Tier 1, 2 and 3 providers.
  • Solution integrators.
  • Semiconductor, mapping and battery suppliers.
  • Suppliers of AV / EV or Last Mile technology in automotive looking to adapt to the need of the supply chain space.