Wi-Fi Sensing: The Next Wi-Fi Technology to Benefit the Broadband Industry

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4Q 2021 | IN-6302


Origin Wireless Has Announced Wi-Fi Sensing Technology Home Monitoring 2.0


As home broadband access continues to improve, the role of Wi-Fi technology is increasingly important to home networks. Wi-Fi is no longer considered to be a solution to provide wireless network connectivity within the home; industry players are now working to revolutionize Wi-Fi to support smart home applications by implementing Wi-Fi sensing technology. Origin Wireless, one of the early developers of Wi-Fi sensing solutions, has announced its Wi-Fi sensing and motion detection technology, Origin’s Home Monitoring 2.0. This solution will enable home security companies, Internet service providers, and Internet of Things (IoT) companies to seamlessly upgrade existing devices to use as motion sensors inside the smart home. It also supports features such as adjustable sensitivity levels, scheduling, and localization to detect motion.

Wi-Fi Sensing to Reduce Hardware Cost and Complexity of Smart Home Solutions


Today’s broadband homes are also increasingly adopting smart home ap…

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