IoT Solutions Transition from Proof-of-Concept to Deployment: How Device Agents Enable Critical Device Management Services

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By Abdullah Haider | 4Q 2021 | IN-6301


Device Agents are Driving the Rollout of IoT Solutions in the Field


Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are being deployed in many use cases on an increasingly large scale: the number of IoT connections between 2021 to 2026 is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 22.6%, based on MD-IoTMWW-109. This reflects the expectation that the IoT market is going to continue growing and has yet to reach maturity. This insight sheds light on one of the enablers of this growth: device agents. A critical mass of enterprises, especially larger firms, now possess the ability to securely onboard millions of IoT devices, making IoT solutions scalable and cost-effective. Device agents refers to a piece of middleware which resides on the device (a sensor or gateway). The purpose of the device agent is to allow the client sensor or gateway to communicate with the server of a particular vendor of device management services, such as Azure IoT Hub.  

Why are Device Agents Important for IoT Device Management?


A device agent is a core part of the onboarding process’ value proposit…

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