The Edge Compute Revolution Prompts an Evolution of IoT Device Management Platform Services

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By Abdullah Haider | 3Q 2021 | IN-6263


The Rise of Edge Computing


Within an IoT deployment, edge computing can be performed on the gateway which has a relatively higher compute capability. Despite resource constraints, edge computing can also be performed on small footprint sensor devices like microcontrollers, too. This capability has developed due to innovation in developing software frameworks like TinyML, which work in resource constrained deployments. Edge computing is often regarded as a substitute for cloud computing, but the two technologies can be complementary in a “distributed architecture” setup. Edge computing use cases include Industrial IoT (IIoT) in resource-constrained devices, which are often battery-powered. Edge compute fits well with the resource-constrained nature of OT manufacturing devices, so the implementation of edge computing will enhance the capabilities of IoT deployments.

Also, edge computing is possible in enterprise IoT (such as telematics) where higher compute device sensors and gateways allow for higher compute ML inference and predictive analytics. For example, edge computing is expected to play a signific…

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