Negotiation Tactics and ROI Recommendations for Law Enforcement ABIS Platforms

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3Q 2021 | IN-6247


Increased Threats Force System Upgrades


The emergence of new forms of internal and global threats, including terrorism and military conflicts, have forced a response from governments protecting their borders. This has included enhancing system capabilities for criminal justice and security operations and equipping their personnel with next-generation biometric devices used for registration and identification of criminals, as well as wanted and dangerous individuals. The use of biometrics in law enforcement has been historically used even prior to the digitization revolution and the advent of biometric criminal platforms. What started as a latent imprint on a surface followed by a finger dipped in ink in past decades has reached a new technological threshold. The law enforcement market was always a leading driver and major absorber of identification technologies with criminal justice and law enforcement agencies provided some much-needed groundwork and standardization for biometrics. However, in recent years biometric technologies are becoming increasingly more relevant to governments worldwide as law enforcement ident…

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