Be There in a ZiFi: How ZiFiSense is Revolutionizing Package Tracking

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By Tancred Taylor | 3Q 2021 | IN-6235


ZETA Alliance: Expansion Pack


On the 1st of February 2021, Cambridge-founded Chinese IoT company ZiFiSense announced its expansion into Europe. The first planned target for this expansion is France, where ZiFiSense set up an exclusive national distribution deal with IoT integrator Sensing Labs and from which the company plans to develop its regional footprint. Simultaneously, the company set up a chapter of the ZETA Alliance—the ecosystem promoting the ZETA LPWA protocol—in Europe, the fourth to be established after the China, Japan, and Southeast Asia chapters. ZiFiSense and the ZETA protocol have little recognition so far in Europe and North America, as is to be expected given the company’s very APAC-centric strategy thus far. However, taking a step back, it is worth looking deeper at this company that brings with it, from China and Japan in particular, a string of impressive accolades and which has significant disruptive potential in the smart logistics and asset tracking industries.

ZiFiSense is the company behind the ZETA LPWA protocol, a long-range communication protocol using M-FSK (Multipl…

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