Alphabet’s Intrinsic: Can the Complexity of the Robotics Industry be Harmonized into Platforms?

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3Q 2021 | IN-6232


The Android of Industrial Robotics?


Alphabet's secretive X research and development division has produced a new company. Intrinsic is a platform-centric robotics software vendor that looks to, in its own words, democratize the value of industrial robots for both established manufacturers and smaller enterprises that have, up until this point, been left behind by automation. The company has been incubated for the last decade and is trying to bring the power of Silicon Valley’s platform model to the mature and entrenched market of industrial robotics.

Their value proposition is clear: modern industrial robots remain incredibly difficult and expensive to implement and require a high degree of specialized knowledge to maintain. As such, the primary customers of industrial robots remain a handful of massive automotive and electronics manufacturers.

A confluence of new technologies is opening up the possibility for businesses to make this technology more accessible. This includes ever cheaper sensors and cameras, much greater availability of data, and the necessary algorithmic improvements to take advantage …

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