Rising Robot Adoption for Warehouse Safety

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By Adhish Luitel | 3Q 2021 | IN-6229


Amazon Launches New Warehouse Robots


Amazon’s innovation blog last month published an entry titled “New Technologies to Improve Amazon Employee Safety”, which focused on four different robotic systems that Amazon’s Robotics and Advanced Technology teams have been developing and conducting trials on. These trials couple Amazon’s innovations with "simple solutions" to make its fulfillment centers safer for its workers, as per Amazon. Three of these robotic systems are mobile robots, which have been contributing massively to Amazon’s warehouse operations sector over the past decade. The hardware and software of these robotic systems cover a wide range of tasks, from transporting totes and pallets across the warehouse to completing tasks that could otherwise be physically taxing for humans. Last year, Amazon spent over US$1 billion on workplace safety procedures, and recruited over 6,200 workers to focus on workplace health and safety. Amazon was one of the first e-commerce companies to really highlight the essential influence of robots in warehouses, with their US$775 million…

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