The Potential Capabilities of the Smart Collar

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By Harriet Sumnall | 3Q 2021 | IN-6228


Smart Pet Collars; The Next Step


Pet tracking is showing promising growth within the consumer IoT space, boasting many advantages due to their capabilities for pet owners globally. The Chinese Centre for Disease Control have been modelling new smart collars that includes a deworming drug. Dogs can be a significant role in the transmission of the Echinococcus parasitic disease that is caused by tapeworms. Humans can become infected via contaminated food, water, or soil, but also by direct contact with animal hosts, such as dogs. This specific strand of parasite disease is found primarily in Canada and the Midwestern United States.

More Collars, Less Vet Visits.


Pet trackers currently enable pet owners to track their location via GPS in most instances, as well as fitness data. The location capabilities are useful for training puppies and dogs being rehomed. Dependent on surroundings, location tracking capabilities of smart pet collars enables owners to locate their missing pets if they have bolted from their home due to being in an unfamiliar setting when settl…

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