Lacuna Technologies Revolutionizing Urban Space Management

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By Dominique Bonte | 3Q 2021 | IN-6227


The Emerging Problem of Urban Space Management: Overcrowded Curbs


Over the past years, curbs have gradually become hotspots of urban activity serving as pivots for an increasing number of smart mobility and freight modes. While this was initially mainly limited to short time stationary parking for dropping off and picking up ridesharers and the last-mile delivery of parcels ordered via ecommerce, this now also involves leaving behind various forms of two-wheel micromobility vehicles for longer periods of time, resulting in both pedestrian safety hazards and visual urban pollution (scooters cluttering sidewalks). While COVID-19 admittedly offered some relief due to a sharp decrease in the use of smart mobility, some of the slack was picked up by exploding two- and four-wheel last mile delivery, especially of food.

As a consequence, curbs in many cities have now turned into overcrowded, cluttered, and dangerous spaces requiring urgent attention from and improved regulation and management by city governments. However, cities lack the required data and tools to inform new regulation and licensing frameworks or enforce …

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