IoT Security Monetization: Do Your Pricing Models Serve Your Customers?

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2Q 2021 | IN-6121


Conflicting Ecosystems


One of the most frequent questions asked by connectivity and digital security providers concerns the creation of new monetization and pricing models for IoT security. Many different pieces populate the chessboard and many conflicting technologies battle for dominance to carve out an adaptive ROI.

Silicon and hardware manufacturers are trying to break the standard one-time sale model and introduce more versatile monetization. Security vendors are trying to introduce more flexible value-added services across different price clusters (thus justifying upselling across tiers). Connectivity and cloud providers are focusing on sustainable growth and scalability, while also striving to prolong their dominance for cloud-based intelligence since the current trend is pushing toward a transition of more edge-based analytics for IoT. As mentioned in ABI Research’s recent webinar “Securing Digital IoT Identities in an IoT World,” the path toward versatile monetization is understandably complicated but also manageable—if the correct strategies are adopted.

What is your competitive…

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