The Case for Non-Public Networks for Enterprise Connectivity

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By Leo Gergs | 2Q 2021 | IN-6120


The Emergence of Non-Public Network


As enterprise 5G continues to mature in 2021, private network deployments have received particular attention within the industry. To fulfill implementers’ requirements for the maximum degree of network customizability as well as full control over Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLA), the telco industry so far has rested all its hopes on providing fully isolated private networks, with all network infrastructure deployed exclusively on the implementing enterprise’s premise.

As enterprise 5G use cases mature, however, a new notion of Public Network Integrated Non-Public Networks (PNI-NPN) emerges, leveraging public and private network resources. Leading service providers like Deutsche Telekom, for example, have already launched commercial offerings that share network infrastructure between public and private networks.

On the one hand, these deployments will guarantee the maximum possible degree of network integrity by deploying dedicated equipment on the respective enterprise premises. On the other hand, it has the capability to reduce deploymen…

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