Biometric Payment Cards Can Help Bridge the Authentication Gap as Contactless Spending Limits Set to Increase Further

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By Phil Sealy | 2Q 2021 | IN-6114


Evolution in Securing the Payment Card


Increasing payment-card-based security remains an industry duty toward which all ecosystem players need to strive. As fraudsters become more sophisticated in their methods, the strengthening of authentication security and methods also needs to evolve in order to ensure that payment card technology, authentication, and security remains one step ahead.

Security within payment cards has by no means remained static since EMV inception, and notable upgrades have been completed (although primarily addressed in the background) with static data authentication and then with a move to dynamic data authentication and, more recently, combined dynamic data authentication as well as the enhancement of backend systems designed to flag unusual or suspicious transactions.

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing adoption of contactless and touchless proximity payments, the security piece in the physical world is becoming more important than ever via additional layers of authentication to ensure that a contactless payment card can only be used by the card owner.

Addressing Card…

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