Starlink’s Advantages Over Other LEO Companies

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1Q 2021 | IN-6107


Starlink Constellations Steadily Materializing


SpaceX launched yet another set of 60 Starlink satellites earlier this month as the company continues its expansion of its satellite broadband services across the world. SpaceX is planning to launch 42,000 satellites in its Starlink Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation for global coverage by 2027. Currently, SpaceX has about 1,200 LEO satellites (with 310 of them launched this year) and an estimated 10,000 users across communities in six countries.

What Sets Starlink Apart from Other LEO Companies


  • Strong Capital Raising: SpaceX has received help from the FCC initiative Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), which aims to assist operators that can deliver low latency connectivity to rural parts of the United States. In December 2020, SpaceX received US$885 million in Phase 1 of the two-phase reverse auction. SpaceX has also recently conducted very successful equity funding rounds, raising US$850 million in February 2021, and US$2 billion in August last year, the largest single fundraising round ever conducted by…

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