Distributed Computing Is the Next Battleground, and Everyone Is Competing

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By Dimitris Mavrakis | 1Q 2021 | IN-6091


Containers, Micro-Services, 5G and Hybrid Clouds


The B2B application domain has seen tremendous growth the past few years, with many different companies attacking it from different angles and with different strategic priorities. Hyperscalers, and particularly Amazon and Microsoft, are moving into the on-prem space with products like AWS Outposts, Snowcone and Snowball, and Azure with Private Edge Zones. Meanwhile, telecom operators are starting to target enterprises with hybrid connectivity models that include private cellular, network slicing and their crown jewel, Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity. At the same time, there are startups entering the market with new products and services, that use components from both hyperscalers and telecom operators to implement new types of functionality.

In this rapidly expanding market, a new trend is emerging: distributed computing. This is an important development and will be the next phase of the hybrid cloud development, where processing payloads will be distributed between public, telco, edge and on-prem clouds.  

The Rise of Distributed Comput…

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