The Path Forward for Public Safety and Commercial DAS from a Landlords Perspective

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1Q 2021 | IN-6086


The Deployment Challenge


With the transition of the different cellular technologies and the high increase in data consumption both indoors and outdoors, optical fiber has become an important infrastructure element able to support multiple services such as Wi-Fi, surveillance cameras, and as a transport layer for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). In the United States, building owners are facing the challenge of deploying Public Safety DAS (PS-DAS) when it is mandated by the Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJ). For this purpose, multiple in-building solutions can be adopted, such as repeaters, passive DAS, and active DAS where the equipment and labor cost of the PS-DAS is typically assumed by the landlords. In the installation phase, the building is provisioned with power supply and cable trays as well as vertical and horizontal cabling, all of which can be leveraged for a better wireless business case. Thus, landlords could take this situation as an opportunity to give extra value to the building rather than looking for the quickest way to “fix the issue” and meet the requirements allocated by the AHJ.

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