Core Technology Implementations and Partnerships Needed to Lead Transition from a Device-Centric to an Experience-Centric Consumer Market

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1Q 2021 | IN-6083


Services and Platforms Built on Top of Consumer Devices Are Bringing New Revenue Streams


The industry shift from devices and products to platforms, services, and experiences—such as Netflix’s transition from DVD rentals to streaming content services—or the adoption of hybrid models—like those from Apple and Microsoft—have already added competitive advantages while driving new revenue streams and increased perceived value for consumers. Consumer devices such as fitness trackers/smartwatches, true wireless headsets, smart home appliances, smartphones, and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have evolved significantly in terms of hardware capabilities, preparing the ground for the building of new services, content, and applications that will run on top of these device types. For example, fitness trackers/smartwatches have evolved from being smartphone-tethered accessories that tell time and track steps to intelligent platforms that can monitor a user’s health vitals and connect with healthcare professionals. Similarly, smart home devices—with the assistance of smart home platforms&mdas…

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