2021 Is a Promising Year for Ultra Low Power Machine Learning

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By Lian Jye Su | 1Q 2021 | IN-6073


CES 2021 Offers a Glimpse into a Promising Future


At CES 2021, devices powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to be the main attraction of the annual tech show. From L’Oreal’s smart lipsticks to Samsung’s butler robots, consumer devices have shown their capabilities to sense the environment and to react to stimuli in near real time. More importantly, the innovation has trickled down to the ever-improving true wireless headsets and earbuds where ML-based adaptive noise cancellation, app-based equalization, and noise-reduction customization are increasingly common and popular.

In the past, these devices would gather information from various sensors—such as acoustic, gyroscope, light, pressure, and temperature sensors—and process them in a centralized manner at a gateway or in data center. The centralized analytics model would in turn generate a response based on the inputs. However, this process would incur throughput and latency penalty as the response would need some time and ideal connectivity to be sent from the gateway or the data center to the edge device, in turn causing…

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