Despite the High Price, Apple’s AirPods Max are Set to Foster Increased Competition in Wireless Headset Market

by Eleftheria Kouri | 1Q 2021 | IN-6047
In December 2020, Apple introduced a new pair of headphones to its AirPods wireless product line, the AirPods Max. The new high-end device is an over-the-ear wireless Bluetooth headphone with a stylish design and premium-quality materials (stainless steel), costing US$549. There is no doubt that the new headphones are overpriced in comparison with other Apple’s products such as the AirPod, AirPod Pro, and Beats, as well as other high-quality headphones from competitors like Bose and Sony. AirPods Max support the features of the AirPods Pro, including transparency mode, noise cancellation capabilities, and voice commands through built-in Siri.