Vertical Solar Farms in Cities

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1Q 2021 | IN-6040


AuREUS: Aurora Renewable Energy and UV Sequestration


In the recent James Dyson Awards of 2020, the first-ever Sustainability Winner went to the AuREUS system, developed by Carvey Maigue, a student at Mapúa University in the Philippines. The AuREUS system utilizes technology synthesized from crop waste to absorb stray ultraviolet (UV) light and convert it into clean renewable electricity. It is aimed at creating better access to solar energy to aid in mitigating climate change while also supporting the local agriculture industry through mitigating losses from natural disasters ruining crops.

The two AuREUS devices—Borealis Solar Window and Astralis Solar Wall—use luminescent particles that absorb high-energy particles and re-emit them as visible light. These luminescent particles can be sourced from certain organic fruits and vegetables, helping tackle the issue of waste produce. The particles are suspended in a resin substrate and used as the core technology in both devices. When hit by UV light, the particles absorb and re-emit visible light along the edges due to internal reflectance. The light…

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