Apple Enforces New iOS Privacy Policy: Will Security and Transparency Hurt Sales Networks?

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 1Q 2021 | IN-6036


Key Points in Apple's New Privacy Policy


On December 8th, Apple put into effect a new iOS privacy protocol forcing all third-party app developers to disclose detailed information regarding their security options, privacy policies, and data collection processes. This includes all information collected from app dev tools, SDKs, analytics and web tools, advertising and marketing tools, and any other third-party source that was involved in the development process. This link outlines Apple’s new policy, which states, among other requirements, that:

  • “Apps must respect the user’s permission settings and not attempt to manipulate, trick, or force people to consent to unnecessary data access.”
  • “Developers must get permission via the app tracking transparency prompt for data collected in the app and used for tracking.”
  • “Per the Developer Program License Agreement, you may not derive data from a device for the purpose of uniquely identifying it.”

While from a digital security side these new requirements are expected to greatly increase the overall security postur…

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