De-Siloing Security Analytics and Intelligence Gathering in IoT: An IBM Perspective

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4Q 2020 | IN-6000


Security Analytics in IoT


Security analytics have become an almost indispensable option for IoT intelligence operations, transcending the boundaries of digital security operations and finding direct applications into deployment, management, and even monetization of IoT assets. One of the many insights gathered after multiple rounds of research interviews with both security vendors and IoT players was de-siloing security operations—a vital, albeit somewhat elusive, trait for many organizations.

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, often times intelligence gathered from different applications, systems, or even devices is not pooled in an efficient manner. Data aggregation is sub-optimal at best, and only approximately 7–13% of data gathered from edge devices actually make it to intelligence operations. The true scope of security analytics and the concept of de-siloing intelligence can be observed in high-tier organizations, of which IBM is one of the most prominent.

IBM's Watson and De-Siloing Intelligence


IBM is an innovative vendor exhi…

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