How The Shift towards 5G Consumer Devices Impacts the Environment

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4Q 2020 | IN-5960


Climate Change Putting a Spotlight on 5G


5G, being the next-generation technology that will be widely implemented around the world, has been thrust into the spotlight as questions about its sustainability and effects on climate change are being raised. Canadian researchers at McMaster University estimated that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will account for about 3.5% of global carbon emissions and about 14% of total worldwide energy consumption in 2020. These numbers are expected to increase as both 5G technology adoption and mobile data usage increase. Several environmental issues associated with implementing the 5G network include the increase in manufacturing of component parts for 5G infrastructure and the propagation of new devices that will use the 5G network with increased consumer demand for 5G devices. This has put pressure on various stakeholders in striking a balance between 5G deployments and the related environmental impacts.

Energy Consumption and Electronic Waste


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