Understanding Reissuance Cycles: Contactless and Innovation the Key to Unlocking Payment Card Market Success

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By Phil Sealy | 4Q 2020 | IN-5944


Marginal Market Growth Expected Over the Next 5 Years


The payment cards market continues to be one that is going through a level of transition. On one hand, the market is now extremely saturated with only a few largely populated countries yet to migrate to EMV, and on the other hand, COVID-19 has created a level of acceleration as it relates to contactless adoption. On top of this, ecosystem players continue to prepare and position themselves to take advantage of the perceived next-generation migration opportunity, related to new innovative card form factors including the Dynamic Card Verification Value (DCVV) and biometric payment card. This ABI Insight will explore and provide insight on ABI Research’s latest payment card market forecasts, alongside expectations related to a future market defined by the COVID-19 pandemic and how accelerated contactless migration is the foundational piece from which next-generation card form factors can succeed.

The Future Payments Cards Market Will Be Defined by Reissuance Cycles


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