Oculus Quest 2 Arrives in October 2020 and Points to a Standalone HMD Future for VR

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By Michael Inouye | 4Q 2020 | IN-5942


Next-Generation Oculus Quest Arrives Less Than 2 Years After First Model


Rumors had been swirling for a few months that Oculus was planning to release an updated version of the popular standalone VR HMD (Oculus Quest), which was released in May 2019, and the company formally announced the Quest 2 will launch on October 13, 2020 in 22 countries. If we compare this to other consumer devices like game consoles, this would be an extremely truncated upgrade cycle considering those devices go 2 to 3 years just before a mid-cycle refresh and typically between 6 and 8 years for the next generation. If we compare the specs, the Quest 2 looks more like a true next-generation product than a mere mid-cycle update.

The hardware on the surface looks similar, save for a different strap, updated controllers, and lighter weight, but the underlying hardware pushes it beyond a simple update. While still an evolutionary update, the higher resolution display (1832x1920 per eye, versus 1440x1600 per eye), refresh rate (90 Hertz (Hz) versus 72 Hz), different display technology (Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for Quest 2 versus Organic Ligh…

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