How Can AR Contribute to Pandemic Safety and Maintaining Social Distancing after Lockdown?

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3Q 2020 | IN-5860


Technology Companies Contribute to Maintaining Social Distancing after Lockdown


One of the primary challenges for governments and businesses after the ease of lockdowns in many countries is to ensure health and safety while at the same time encouraging people to maintain the social distancing recommended as an effective method to slow down the spread of COVID-19. In order to contribute to this effort, technology leaders such as Amazon, Google, and Snapchat have developed solutions that encourage and assist the maintenance of safe social distance by leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), computer vision, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These solutions can be applied in workplace environments and public areas in both indoor or outdoor locations (such as shopping malls and airports).

Amazon recently introduced a solution called Distance Assistance to help employees in warehouses keep a six-foot distance from their colleagues. The solution uses Machine Learning (ML) and AI to measure distance and distinguish employees from the surrounding environment, AR to deliver visual feedback (virtual green circles are displayed aro…

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