Making Shared Mobility Travel Safer in the Wake of COVID-19 through Connected Sanitization

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By Maite Bezerra | 2Q 2020 | IN-5840


OCTO Telematics Launches OCTO PurePlace


Tapping into the need for higher hygiene in shared spaces, Octo Telematics recently announced a sanitization solution for shared vehicles called OCTO PurePlace. The solution consists of a purifier device (OCTO Purifier), an onboard telematics device (OCTO SmartDiag or OCTO SuperEasy), and a digital application compatible with Android and iOS. The purifier uses nanotechnology Photocatalytic Oxidation, a non-invasive technology developed by NASA, that can eliminate viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air to sanitize cars during and after every use. It can be connected to a car’s cigarette lighter and allows quick cleanses during a trip via intermittent self-activation and at the end of a journey with a full sanitization cycle.

  OCTO PurePlace  

As shown in Figure 1, the purifier connects to the onboard telematics unit OCTO SmartDiag via Bluetooth. OCTO SmartDiag, a telematics OBD Dongle, is the key component that connects to OCTO’s Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud to inform drivers and passengers about the vehicle’s sanitizat…

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