Mobile Wireless Fuels Location Analytics Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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By Kangrui Ling | 2Q 2020 | IN-5791


Governments of the World Tap into Location Insights


As COVID-19 continues to take lives and batter economies, governments are turning to telco location data to analyze human movements amid the pandemic. For instance, the U.S government is getting anonymized location data from ad exchanges (which have telco location data for the purposes of mobile advertising) to track hot spots in which crowds are gathering and analyze the populace’s adherence to stay-at-home orders.

In Europe, Orange in France is sharing “aggregated and anonymized” location data with Inserm, a French health-focused research institute. Germany’s Deutsche Telekom is also “donating” its data to the cause. In Italy, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, and WindTre have also offered their data to assists governments in developing insights on such anonymized “swarm data.” Austria’s A1 Telekom has also partnered with Invenium, a motion analysis application used for traffic congestion and tourist site analysis, to assess the effectiveness of policies in reducing social contact.

Israel and South Korea are utiliā€¦

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