Supply Chain Trends and Technologies in 2020 Image

Supply Chain Trends and Technologies in 2020


Actionable Benefits

  • Determine a fulfillment strategy that address same day delivery.
  • Identify companies impacting the smart air freight evolution.
  • Optimize roadmaps for major and nascent technology market opportunities by timeframe.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What is BORIS and why it matters?
  • How fast is e-commerce e-fulfillment growing?
  • Who is one of the leading autonomous delivery start-ups?

Research Highlights

  • An update on the Corona Virus current supply chain impact.
  • The changing location strategy of fulfillment centers.
  • The massive growth of “click and collect”.

Who Should Read This?

  • Decision-makers within transportation and logistics who are responsible for resource allocation, telematics and/or mode selection.
  • Inventory planners who need to optimize across brick & mortar and online.
  • Supply chain leaders who need to comprehend the impact of reverse logistics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Corona Virus and the Supply Chain 

Supply Chain Trends and Technologies

The Rise of “Click & Collect” aka BOPIS

Reverse Logistics (BORIS) Challenges Continue

e-Commerce Fulfillment Centers:  Changing, Closer & Store Centric

Final Mile and Yard:  The Role of Telematics Without a Truck

The Disruptive Opportunity of Smart Air Freight

Market Opportunity Timeline