ubirch, 1NCE and G+D Team up to Offer IoT Blockchain on a SIM

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By Michela Menting | 1Q 2020 | IN-5769


IoT Trust with a Blockchain


Blockchain-anchored security provider Ubirch has teamed up with SIM-based IoT and M2M connectivity provider 1NCE to offer a secure data communications solution for IoT. Ubirch’s blockchain-anchored data security technology seals IoT sensor data into 1NCE’s SIM cards. The data packets are sealed and then chained, prior to being sent forward into a cloud-based Blockchain. The two companies are joined by security provider G+D Mobile Security who will provide an accompanying IoT security service to 1NCE’s IoT SIM cards. Specifically, the solution will leverage G+D’s SIGNiT to combine SIM environments and secure operating systems with blockchain technology. 

Addressing IoT Security with Novel Technology


This rather unique solution is a first in the industry. Ubirch essentially offers a trust protocol which measures the sensor data at data origin level, and with the help of G+D’s SIGNiT, seals that data with a private encryption key that is stored on the SIM. These sealed packets or micro-certificates a…

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