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Private Wireless Spectrum Tracker


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Actionable Benefits

  • Find the best possible deployment options for cellular connectivity among enterprises
  • Optimize a strategy for CSPs to offer private cellular connectivity.
  • Assisting infrastructure vendors to determine optimal go-to-market strategies for enterprise verticals in response to the respective spectrum allocation regulation. 

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which countries offer spectrum acquisition for enterprises directly?
  • What deployment options and monetizing models do specialist CSPs offer for private cellular enterprise networks?
  • Which verticals show most interest in applying for dedicated enterprise spectrum? 

Research Highlights

  • A comprehensive picture of a all spectrum initiatives for private cellular networks across the globe.
  • A list of companies that have applied for shared/licensed spectrum, the details of the awarded license as well as infrastructure vendors and network operators involved in the network deployment.
  • An extensive list of network operators, specialized on providing private cellular networks, details about their markets of operations, spectrum assets and monetizing models. 

Who Should Read This?

  • Decision-makers among network operators, that are evaluating options to offer private cellular network solutions for enterprises.
  • Senior executives among enterprises that are looking into their available options for cellular network deployments.
  • Innovation leaders within network infrastructure vendors to determine their optimal go-to-market strategy to target enterprise verticals in different countries.