A Tale of Two AI Implementations in Logistics: Cloud and Edge

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By Lian Jye Su | 1Q 2020 | IN-5757


NTT-Mitsubishi Partnership to Shake up Japanese Logistics Industry


In December 2019, NTT and Mitsubishi, two of the largest technology companies in Japan, formed a partnership that focused on the introduction of emerging technologies to the food industry in the areas of source tagging, inventory management, demand prediction, product classification, delivery route optimization, and information security. Underpinning all of these are big data analytics and Machine Learning (ML)-based Artificial Intelligence (AI). NTT projects this collaboration will bring in billions in revenue for the company as logistics players in Japan start to embark on digital transformation.

Not limited to Japan, the pressing issues of aging populations and rising transportation costs have slowly forced traditional logistics players across the world to improve their business processes by turning to emerging technologies such as big data and AI. In order to benefit from AI, logistics players need to understand how AI will be implemented in their processes.

Resource Optimization and Workflow Automation in the Cloud

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