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Wearables and Mobile Accessories Market Share and Forecasts


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Actionable Benefits

  • Identify how the impact of COVID-19 is affecting the wearables and accessories markets.
  • Identify potential gaps in the existing wearables and mobile devices markets and plan effectively for future devices by understanding the wider competitive landscape.
  • Prepare optimal roadmap and product timelines for wearables and mobile accessories based on projected market penetration.
  • Identify and better target the largest global and regional growth opportunities for wearables to ensure resources are directed effectively.
  • Identify and address current trends, including penetration of wireless and cellular connectivity, within the wearables and mobile accessories markets to ensure that future devices reflect market needs.
  • Understand what product types will remain popular and which ones are losing interest to ensure that roadmaps are effective.

Critical Questions Answered

  • How is COVID-19 affecting the wearable and accessories markets?
  • What is the timeline for devices within the wearables and accessories markets?
  • What are the current trends within the wearables and mobile accessories markets?
  • Which devices remain popular with consumer and enterprise users?

Research Highlights

  • An overview of future shipments, revenues, ASPs, and installed bases of wearables and accessories.
  • Historical quarterly shipments of smartwatches and activity trackers by vendor.
  • Granular forecasts of certain accessory device types such as chargers and headsets.

Who Should Read This?

  • Decision makers within device companies looking to understand how the markets will develop and how they are being affected by COVID-19.
  • Technology solution providers to device manufacturers that need to understand what devices and technologies will be required.
  • Sales and marketing leaders within device companies looking to understand what devices need to be marketed.

Table of Contents

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