New AI and Data Strategies from the European Union: Aiming for Global Leadership

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By Michela Menting | 1Q 2020 | IN-5750


Setting a New Scene for the E.U. Digital Strategy


On February 19, 2020, the European Union published a number of papers as part of its broader digital strategy on data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These two endeavors are at the core of the European Union’s new agenda, and the papers set out how the Union can become a leader on both technology fronts. First, with regards to the Data objective, the European Union aims to set up a single market in which data can flow freely and securely across borders and sectors and between businesses and consumers. For the AI objective, the goal is to become a center of excellence and to build trust in the technology.

Both strategies mean to create accountable bodies, appropriate policy and regulation (to ensure security, privacy, and transparency and encourage fair competition, but also to lift barriers against data-sharing initiatives), and investment in innovation hubs, funds and promoting the further development of varied supporting technologies (such as cloud services and robotics).

Data and AI: Hand in Hand


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