Edzcom, Tampnet, and Company: A New Generation of Network Operators is Entering the Stage

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By Leo Gergs | 1Q 2020 | IN-5745


The Emergence of a New Type of Network Operator


While we now see the deployment of private cellular networks becoming ever more popular among factory and warehousing owners, as well as operators of offshore windfarms, oil rigs, mines, and shipping ports, large reservations on the enterprise side prevail when it comes to working with “traditional” Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to manage these networks, as discussed in the ABI Insight Making the Impossible Possible: How CSPs Can Resolve Their Complicated Relationship with Manufacturers (IN-5698).

While large enterprise players like Bosch, DHL, and Siemens have the necessary resources to manage a cellular network on their own, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) (which outnumber the Tier 1 enterprises) would possibly refrain from cellular network deployment and move toward a different technology to address their connectivity requirements: They do not have the capabilities to build up their own network operation divisions, but the reservations prevent them from siding with a traditional CSP for network operation. Therefore, there is a conside…

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