LTE-Based V2I Communication Is the Immediate Cooperative Mobility Opportunity

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By Maite Bezerra | 1Q 2020 | IN-5739


Audi Introduces Its Traffic Light Information System to Düsseldorf


Audi announced the introduction of its Traffic Light Information System in Düsseldorf, Germany, the second European city to receive the service after Ingolstadt, Germany. The service will initially be available in 150 traffic lights in Düsseldorf, which committed to implementing connectivity in 75% of its traffic lights until the end of September 2020. Audi's Traffic Light System includes two different applications: Green Light Optimized Speed Advice (GLOSA) and Time-to-Green. With GLOSA, the traffic signal controller sends a message to vehicles approaching a signalized intersection via LTE Uu with information about the traffic light schedule. The vehicle uses the received data as input in an algorithm able to calculate a speed advice value, which is displayed in the driver's cockpit. The second application, Time-to-Green, displays the remaining time until the next green light in the driver's cockpit when red lights are unavoidable. The benefits of these applications are improved traffic flow and lower fuel consumption—…

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