Standardization In 2020 a Tipping Point for Large-Scale Robotics Deployment

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1Q 2020 | IN-5718


The Need for sUAS Regulation


Despite feverish activity and considerable hype, most sections of the robotics space are in the embryonic stage of market development, and a key way to accelerate deployment is to develop effective standardization. The year 2020 will see a rollout of new standards for three nascent fields: drones, Industrial Mobile Robots (IMRs), and cobots.

The year 2019 closed off with the announcement of the first International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-approved drone safety standards (ISO/TC 20/SC 16) in December 2019. This means that in 2020 the set-up of a safety management system will be a major regulatory topic. It also means that the foundation for future rulemaking, standardizing, and legislating of drone operations has now been laid.

A key attribute of the ISO/TC 20/SC 16 is its focus on air safety, which is at the forefront of public attention in connection with airports and other sensitive locations. The new Standard promotes an “etiquette” for drone use that reinforces compliance toward no-fly zones, local regulation, flight log protocols, maintenance, training,…

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