How Can We Measure the Impact of 5G and Edge Computing in Industry 4.0?

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By Don Alusha | 1Q 2020 | IN-5716


5G's Role in Industry 4.0


5G and edge enable a diverse set of Industry 4.0 tools and use cases, including predictive maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management, collaborative robots, and efficient supply-chaining. The last of these, however, does not feature significantly in the current Industry 4.0 discourse. To appreciate how important supply-chaining is as a source of competitive advantage and profit in an increasingly digital commercial world, the readers of this ABI Insight should consider this fact: Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer in the world (with Amazon being second) and it does not produce a single product. All it “produces” is a hyper-efficient supply chain, an essential component and indispensable driver for smart manufacturing, and by extension, Industry 4.0.

The introduction of 5G and edge compute will enable manufacturers and warehouse establishments to reap the benefits of multi-gigabit speeds, ultra-low latency, and unlimited capacity. 5G and edge computing are positioned as key components of Industry 4.0 and aim to make manufacturing processes digitally enabled and data dri…

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