AR Making Paper-Based Inspections a Thing of the Past at Airbus Helicopters

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By Michael Larner | 4Q 2019 | IN-5697


Airbus Helicopters Looks to xInspect from Ubimax to Both Speed up and Help Ensure Accuracy of Its Inspection Process


The implementation of Ubimax’s xInspect at Airbus Helicopters highlights the potential for Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to improve processes by supplying contextual information to smart glasses and the fact that AR needs to be part of an overall strategy for managing information in order to maximize productivity gains.

Dallas, Texas-based Airbus Helicopters was looking for ways to improve the process for maintaining and overhauling its helicopters’ gearboxes. There are often three hundred parts in each gearbox and the inspection process used to involve taking pictures, uploading the images to a computer, and documenting each step. Furthermore, workers needed to refer to a manual, which was time consuming and cumbersome to carry. Airbus Helicopters wanted to improve its inspection operation using hands free AR; service technicians still need both hands free to carry out the inspection, but also had to refer to manuals for pictures of parts and maintenance procedures.

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