Trustonic Asset Lifecycle Protection an Indication of Future Growth in Remote Device Management

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By Michela Menting | 4Q 2019 | IN-5693


Embedding Security


Trustonic recently announced a new anti-fraud/anti-theft solution: Asset Lifecycle Protection Service (ALPS). The aim is to protect mobile devices (and smartphones in particular) against various threats to the network operators and other players in the mobile device ecosystem, notably profit erosion caused by device trafficking and fraud, as well as protection when devices are sold but not activated (SBNA) and those that are activated but not used (ABNU).

ALPS provides various tools to that effect, including remote lock and unlocking functions for the SIM and for the device itself. This is done by embedding ALPS capabilities at the point of manufacture. Trustonic leverages the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on the smartphone’s chipset to do this, binding the device’s IMEI cryptographically, and exchanging the keys with the OEM in the factory. The keys received by Trustonic are then encrypted into the Trustonic ALPS cloud. The ALPS device endorsement service can late...

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