More Substantial Content Opportunities for Augmented Reality Show Promise but Leave Unanswered Questions

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 4Q 2019 | IN-5660


Bigger Names, Bigger Audience


Augmented Reality (AR) has had an interesting ramp up into the world; Google Glass was one of the first mass market, widely-known AR devices to land on people’s faces, and it failed as a consumer product. Since then, efforts to develop new headworn smart glasses in enterprise have been substantial, while the consumer market is suggesting immense potential on both the smart glass side and, more impactfully, on mobile devices, albeit not for a few years. Across devices, markets, and users, content has to be appealing, easily accessible, and ultimately valuable. This hasn’t been the case on the consumer AR front in the past, but capabilities growing in mobile AR suggest greater potential going forward; enterprise has seen greater success thanks to dedicated content houses and platforms providing highly tailored content depending on the needs of an implementation—something not possible for the consumer space.

Today, the rate at which this compelling content hits both consumer and enterprise users’ hands is increasing, as is the overall value of th…

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