Google Daydream(ing) No More: Google Dropping VR Is a Knockdown Punch for Mobile VR

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By Michael Inouye | 4Q 2019 | IN-5653


Google Ends Development and New Product Support for Google Daydream


Mobile Virtual Reality (VR) was already hanging on by a thread when Google pulled out its shears and cut its last lifeline by ending development and future device support of Google Daydream even though Google’s new Pixel 4’s screen supports up to 90 Hz, which would have provided a better VR experience. This market development is not surprising, as mobile VR has been stagnant for over a year, with other proponents (namely Oculus and Samsung) also pivoting away from smartphone-based VR solutions. It is unfair to say there was no market development in this segment—to its credit, Qualcomm developed and showed a different path forward for mobile VR with its viewers—but the industry had already moved on. Admittedly, even though the market was moving away from mobile, this analyst still saw a future for mobile VR that could still come to fruition. However, at least within the near future, this facet of the market will likely remain dormant at best; title of this ABI Insight says “knockdown punch” and not …

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