Smart Cities and Smart Spaces Quarterly Update Image

Smart Cities and Smart Spaces Quarterly Update


Actionable Benefits

  • Enable ecosystem players to better align their technology offers with changing requirements of smart city governments (resilience, circularity, micro-mobility).
  • Allow suppliers to build a narrative around their platforms and solutions which echoes with cities’ aspirations and objectives.
  • Identify emerging smart city technology trends allowing to upgrade / extend  product portfolios.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What research has ABI Research published on smart cities recently?
  • What are the main challenges city governments are facing and how are they addressing them?
  • Which vendors are offering innovative smart city solutions?

Research Highlights

  • Digital twins and urban modeling
  • Circular Cities
  • Micro-mobility

Who Should Read This?

  • City governments – CTOs, CROs
  • Technology suppliers targeting the smart cities vertical – product managers and strategy executives
  • Other government organizations 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Smart Cities Quarterly Update, 3Q 2019: Main Trends

Key Ecosystem Activity and Suggested Reading

Urban Digital Twins: Use Cases and Benefits

Urban Digital Twins: Suppliers and Case Studies

Circular Cities

Circular Cities and Technologies

Smart Cities Case Studies Southeast Asia

Micro-Mobility Spreading across Europe

Micro-Mobility Challenges

Smart City Issues and Challenges

Disruptive Threats

Recommendations for Smart City Technology Suppliers

Recommendations for Smart City Governments