Concerns about Battery Drain in 5G Smartphones Addressed by Ecosystem

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4Q 2019 | IN-5615


Battery Life Expected to be Affected by 5G


With 5G smartphones gradually making their way into the market, one question on many consumers’ minds is how this new and improved connectivity will affect battery life. There have been many discussions about the topic, with some stating that 5G will vastly reduce smartphone battery life and others adamant that it will dramatically increase it. Battery life is an important component of the smartphone User Experience (UX) and is something that consumers take into consideration when upgrading their devices. Expectations of at least day-long battery life have become standard across all smartphone models, and any reduction in this UX will likely turn consumers away from the initial crop of 5G devices before they have even gotten started. Smartphone vendors that have already released 5G devices have looked into various methods of how to mitigate 5G related battery life issues, such as increasing battery size, using chips with power saving solutions, or using adaptive charging technology.

How 5G Affects Battery Life

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