Smart City Cybersecurity Technologies and Future Investment Concerns in the Spotlight

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 3Q 2019 | IN-5601


Smart City Technology Concerns


“What is the top problem with cybersecurity in smart cities?” This simple yet powerful question perfectly encapsulates two major misconceptions regarding cybersecurity in smart cities. First, it attempts to boil down all challenges into one single vector, and second, it treats smart cities as one entity as opposed to a multitude of verticals connected by various platforms or even platforms within other platforms. Many believe that encryption (and some even mentioned quantum encryption) will be the solution; others focus on system and cloud security, and others yet believe that hardware security is the real problem. The answer lies buried among these hit-and-miss viewpoints as well as a plethora of other factors that are examined further.

“Can’t quantum encryption solve smart city problems?” Encryption (which depends highly on embedded hardware and processing power) is indeed lacking considerably ac...

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