Kangaroo and the No Gateway, Wi-Fi Smart Home

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By Jonathan Collins | 3Q 2019 | IN-5596


Smart Home Startup Kangaroo Banks on Wi-Fi


In September, smart home startup Kangaroo will start shipping its range of smart home security devices and just-launched subscription services. The company is aiming its smart home offering at smaller homes, and even individuals within shared homes, with two subscription packages: one for homeowners and the other for renters. What is arguably most notable about the company, however, is the extent of its use of Wi-Fi throughout its offerings, which extends the ubiquitous home networking protocol to smart home devices long considered too small, too cheap, or too underpowered to support Wi-Fi connectivity.

Small Form Factor, Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Sensors


Kangaroo launched in August 2018 with its Wi-Fi connected motion sensor. Its new products, announced at CES in January 2019 and now set to ship in mid-September, combine the motion sensor with a bundled “entry sensor.” The entry sensor, although similar in size and function to traditional wireless door and window contact sens…

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