T-Mobile and Roambee Introduce “CAPEX-Free” Asset Tracking Service for Enterprises

by Adarsh Krishnan | 3Q 2019 | IN-5579
On July 15, 2019, T-Mobile announced its partnership with Roambee to introduce a Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)-based asset tracking service for enterprise customers in the United States at US$10 per device, per month using Roambee’s BeeAware solution. T-Mobile’s asset tracking service will include devices, connectivity, and Roambees Honeycomb Application Programming Interface (API), which enterprises can integrate into their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to gain actionable insights through End-to-End (E2E) visibility of their connected assets. One of the key differentiating features of th solution is that it allows enterprise customers to implement an asset tracking solution with zero infrastructure costs and comes with no annual service contracts. In mid-2018, T-Mobile completed nationwide coverage of the United States with its NB-IoT network, which is a pertinent requirement for wide area asset tracking applications.

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